The Mountain investigated for domestic abuse

The Icelandic press have revealed that Hafþór Julius Bjornsson is being investigated by police for domestic violence allegedly perpetrated against his ex-girlfriend. ‘The Mountain’ has explained that the allegations have arisen from an argument over the custody of a dog:

“The dog’s name is Ástríkur and last Thursday it was my time to have him. She doesn’t like me to be with him and wished to come over, but I wanted to keep the dog over night. This is an amazing dog and I love him. You know how breakups can be, tempers can flair and you argue.”

“She said she wanted to talk, so once again I’m duped like an idiot, because as soon as I sat down she takes off running. That startled me, so I run after her and grab her sweater. This makes some noise and then a neighbour calls the police.”

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