Overeem inches Werdum in trilogy fight

In a decision that has left many on Twitter furious, the judges gave Overeem the win over Werdum in a majority decision at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last night.

Werdum started the first round with a flying knee that did not meet its target. Overeem circled Werdum with his hands well below his chin, eventually landing a decent shot, which prompted a flurry from Werdum. Overeem spent much of the rest of the first round stalking Werdumand 1-2  finally caught him with a 1-2 after stuffing a take down attempt.

Keen to start the 2nd in a familiar fashion, Werdum let loose a flying knee which again misses its mark by some margin. After a body kick from Overeem connected, the Brazilian pulled guard, Overeem mounted some top control offence and then elected to stand up. After an Overeem power knee connected, Werdum again pulled guard, with Overeem standing up as soon as possible. Overeem then scored with a left hook and a jump kick which backed up ‘Vai Cavalo’. Werdum, though, fired back with a glancing right cross and then a left that put Overeem on the run. Werdum slipped in a hard jab, which Overeem countered with a hard left cross that bounced off his forehead. Overeem was starting to hit his rhythmn.

To start the third and final round, both big men came out swinging for the fences, but nothing of note landed in the early exchange. Overeem continued to find a home for his sneaky uppercuts as Werdum scored with knees. Then Werdum landed a huge knee that sent Overeem twirling on his feet. Werdum hastily rushed in and tried to submit Overeem, but it was too sloppy and he was able to get back to his feet. Werdum, though, kept the pressure on, rushing Werdum and popping him with two stiff jabs before getting him back on the ground where he could work some ground-and-pound along the bottom of the fence. He was able to land a handful of good shots, but it appeared as if he wasted a tremendous opportunity to finish the fight as Overeem just hung on until the round, and the fight, came to a close.

Werdum got busy in round 3 and was looking for some major shots in the clinch, but maybe got one knee to land cleanly. He was certainly more active than Overeem in the first two minutes of this round. A knee dropped Overeem and he was hurt badly. Werdum went for a guillotine and then an armbar but Overeem escaped both. He got back to his feet but was still on wobbly legs. Fabricio sensed the finish, smacked him with a right hand, and took Overeem down with ease. Werdum threw short hammerfists in Overeem’s guard. Alistair did well to deny Werdum the space need to posture up and landing more damaging, possibly fight-ending shots. Werdum essentially remained in guard for the remainder of the bout, and Overeem managed not to get knocked out.

Official result: Alistair Overeem def. Fabricio Werdum by majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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