Fight Report: Berchelt vs Miura

By Arun Patel, 16/07/2017

So rather than the Eubank Jr fight I opted to stay up all night to watch the WBC super featherweight clash between Mexican Miguel Berchelt and Japan’s Takashi Miura.  Why would I want to watch this?  Because when a boxer has 28 KO’s in 32 fights you have to be intrigued.

Berchelt is the WBC champion with an impressive record of 31 wins in 32 fights with 28 of them being KO’s so clearly an exciting boxer.   Miura had 30 wins out of 36 with 4 losses and 2 draws, KO’s and is a former WBC champ, so on paper  at least, this was a fairly even fight.

Bookies had this clearly in favour of Berchelt offering odds of 4/11 to win.  Whilst not great, I threw a tenner on this just to keep some interest seeing how I was going to stay awake all night.

So now onto the fight.

Berchelt started very well and landed a good blow in the first to rock Miura for an 8 count.  From there I expected Berchelt to dominate but it didn’t happen.  Instead the next few rounds where fairly quiet with Berchelt in control but not really stepping up the pace.  In the forth he showed why he is dangerous as he again went on the front foot landing a few good shots.

Berchelt continued to dominate without the fight ever really igniting.  Right now I was questioning my decision to stay awake for this fight.  Hardly the excitement of the Horn Pacquio fight a couple of weeks ago.

The 8th saw both fighters starting to swing.  Miura probably realizing it was his only hope by now.  It was probably his best round and he managed to land a few finally however I still think he lost the round.  Miura continued to swing in the 9th but largely missing with them.  I think by know he know the fight was over and so did Berchelt.

I really want to say the final few rounds improved but it didn’t happen.  Berchelt was simply too classy for Miura and the unanimous points victory was no surprise.

So what now for these guys?  Berchelt has shown he can box and isn’t all about knocking out his opponents.  It’s an interesting division where there can be some fantastic fights.  You have Corrales who holds the WBA belt.  A possible rematch with Vargas or a mouthwatering clash against Mayweather’s protégé Gervonta Davis.  Hopefully we will get some of these matches.  As for Miura, at 33  is age catching up with him? He certainly seemed off the pace here.  And with young fighters like Davis coming through you have to wonder if we will continue to see him in contention with the top guys .

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